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Check Out the Charleston Wine and Food Festival 2024

As spring greets the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina, the anticipation for the Charleston Wine and Food Festival 2024 reaches its peak. This annual event transforms the city into a hub of culinary exploration, attracting food enthusiasts and top culinary talents worldwide.


The festival is celebrated for showcasing local and international cuisine, interactive cooking demonstrations, and unique dining experiences highlighting Charleston’s rich cultural heritage and innovative food scene. Attendees can engage directly with chefs, sample an expansive range of dishes, and participate in wine tastings featuring selections from renowned vineyards.


This article will cover everything about the Charleston Wine and Food Festival for casual visitors and cooking experts alike. We’ll cover the lineup of events, must-visit events for those passionate about food and wine, and essential information for this event.


What is the Charleston Wine and Food Festival?

The Charleston Wine and Food Festival is an anticipated annual event in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. It is a celebration of the city’s renowned culinary culture, bringing together chefs, winemakers, food enthusiasts, and industry professionals from around the world.


Over several days, the festival offers a diverse range of events, including tastings, cooking demonstrations, wine pairings, and discussions that highlight the latest trends in the culinary world.


At its core, the festival aims to showcase the richness of Charleston’s food scene, emphasizing local ingredients, traditional Southern cuisine, and innovative dishes. It’s where passion for food and drink comes to life, making it a highlight on the culinary calendar each year.


Charleston Wine and Food Festival 2024 Hours and Location

The Charleston Wine and Food Festival 2024 will occur at several locations from March 6th to March 10th, 2024. Much of the event will happen at the Grand Tasting Tents inside the Culinary Village at 1061 Everglades Ave in Charleston, SC 29405.


Hours vary, with the famous Culinary Village open from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.


Top Events to See at This Year’s Festival

At this year’s Charleston Wine and Food Festival, attendees can look forward to several top events and experiences that highlight the rich culinary tradition of Charleston. Here are some of this year’s highlights:

  • Charleston Culinary Village: The festival’s heart, the Culinary Village, will feature some of the weekend’s best options, including a dedicated non-alcoholic zone, decadent wine options with the return of the rosé garden, expanded VIP offerings, and food a la carte. A shuttle service will make trips to the Culinary Village’s Riverfront Park location hassle-free.
  • Signature Events and Excursions: Look forward to the reinvented Street Eats, the Bowens Island Catch of the Day, and the free kid-friendly Wine + Food Street Fest. New events like ¡Sabor!: A Taste of Spain and The Smokeshow celebrating whiskey, BBQ, and smoked flavors are also on the schedule.
  • Unique Dining Experiences: Spectacular dining experiences will be a part of the festival, such as “A Five-Star Lineup” dinner featuring top chefs and exclusive wine selections from The Sanctuary’s Wine Library, and the innovative “Palmira Barbecue Signature Dinner,” introducing a fusion of Puerto Rican and Vietnamese cuisine with traditional BBQ techniques.
  • Interactive and Educational Sessions: The festival will offer hands-on classes, intimate storytelling sessions rooted in the local culture, and tastings that showcase local and global culinary mash-ups.


Stop by Flowertown Bed and Breakfast During Your Next Adventure to Charleston

As the Charleston Wine and Food Festival 2024 draws near, enthusiasts are gearing up for this spectacular event. With a wide variety of activities ranging from the Culinary Village to unique dining experiences, the festival promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.


For those planning to explore the wonders of Charleston during the festival, there’s no better place to stay than Flowertown Bed and Breakfast. Nestled in the heart of the city, Flowertown provides the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

As you dive into the flavors and stories of Charleston’s Wine and Food Festival, let Flowertown Bed and Breakfast be your home away from home. To get started, check out our rooms, and contact us today if you have questions about local events, amenities, and attractions near Charleston, South Carolina.



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