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Creeping Fig

In the enchanting Lowcountry region, the iconic creeping fig (Ficus pumila) weaves its way into the hearts of residents and visitors alike. This evergreen vine, with its dainty heart-shaped leaves, adds a touch of timeless charm to the historical landscapes and picturesque architecture of the area. Charleston’s warm, humid climate provides the perfect nurturing environment for this resilient plant, allowing it to gracefully cascade over walls, fences, and trellises, transforming ordinary surfaces into living works of art.

The creeping fig’s versatility extends beyond aesthetics, as its dense foliage also offers a natural cooling effect, providing respite from the sultry summer days. Its adaptability allows it to flourish in both sunlit expanses and shady nooks, making it a treasured addition to gardens, parks, and plantation estates. As it spreads its tendrils, the creeping fig serves as a symbol of the timeless beauty and rich heritage that resonates throughout the Lowcountry, preserving the region’s natural allure for generations to come.

In keeping with the Charleston tradition of creeping fig on the front external stairs, Flowertown Bed and Breakfast has several areas where creeping fig adds that historic touch to our house and garden. Guests frequently ask us about the creeping fig growing on our front steps. They want to know what type of plant grows along stairs as well as where they can purchase this plant to cultivate at their home. For all its Charlestonian beauty, when asked, I do suggest to my guests that they reconsider purchasing creeping fig as it is very high maintenance.

“I felt just like I was in Charleston one hundred years ago, walking up grand steps covered with greenery.”

– Connie M.

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