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Flower Town in the Pines

You likely are asking yourself what is all the chatter about Summerville’s motto: “Flower Town in the Pines?” Tens of thousands of visitors come every spring to see Summerville, South Carolina’s incredible display of azaleas.

Most homes in the historic district have dozens of azalea bushes in their yard and gardens. Here at Flowertown Bed and Breakfast we have every color of the rainbow with pink, purple, red, orange, white and coral azaleas.  Summerville’s Azalea Park, just three blocks from accommodations at Flowertown Bed and Breakfast, becomes a carpet of red as acres of Azalea bushes bloom in March and April. In fact, the not to be missed famous Flowertown Festival takes place every year each April to celebrate the amazing beauty of Summerville in full bloom!

In the late 1800’s Charlestonians flocked to Summerville each summer to escape the heat and disease carrying mosquitoes in Charleston. Many settled permanently after discovering the charm and health benefits of Summerville.

The International Congress of Physicians met in 1900 in Paris, France and declared Summerville one of the two best places in the world for the treatment and recovery of lung disorders. The treatment was purported to be a result of the healing aspects of the pine tree’s turpentine scent. Hotels and inns were quickly built to deal with the mass of visitors flooding into town for treatment.

Thus, the warm hospitality Summerville, South Carolina is known for was born. Also, Summerville’s pine trees became sacred and town legislation continues to protect all pines within the city limits.

You will definitely want to experience the stunning beauty of Summerville’s azaleas in bloom. Check your calendars, check out OUR ROOMS and BOOK YOUR STAY now at Flowertown Bed and Breakfast.

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