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Low Country Fish Camp

Have You Ever Heard of a Lowcountry Fish Camp?

What is a lowcountry fish camp? It’s a seafood lover’s paradise in the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia. Picture a relaxed and rustic atmosphere, where fishermen gather to share their catch, swap fish stories, and cook up tasty seafood dishes in true low country style.

We have our own Lowcountry Fish Camp right here in Summerville. It’s one of our personal favorites. You’ll find an array of mouthwatering seafood like shrimp, crab, oysters, and fish. These flavorsome treasures are prepared with Southern flair, using simple yet delicious methods like frying, grilling, or steaming.

But it doesn’t stop there! Alongside the seafood delights, you’ll discover classic Southern sides that’ll have your taste buds dancing. Think hush puppies (my southern husband says they are the best he has ever had), collard greens, shrimp and grits, po’boys, and more. We love the red beans and rice recipe so much; we order extra to take home with us. Don’t forget a Lemonade Mimosa and the key lime pie – go for it!

Lowcountry Fish Camp will be the perfect lunch, dinner, or brunch to complement your stay at Flowertown Bed and Breakfast. Choose your favorite room here BOOK NOW. Lowcountry Fish Camp is located at 903 Central Avenue in Summerville, SC. Tell them Carol from Flowertown Bed & Breakfast sent you when you visit! So, dive into the Low Country Fish Camp experience, where the food is fresh, the atmosphere is laid-back, and you’re in for a reel treat of coastal cuisine!

“Beautiful Breakfast at the main house every morning at 8:30, gorgeous grounds. Carol shared stories with us, and made great local restaurant recommendations!”

Stephanie B.  SC

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