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Five “Must Do’s”

  /  Five “Must Do’s”

Carol and Chris’s Five “Must Do’s” when visiting Summerville and Charleston

There is so much to do when visiting the region that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain as to what you should do and see, so here’s our Top Tips to help you get the most out of your stay.

1. Take a Carriage Ride
First and foremost, you simply must take a carriage ride through Historic Charleston. The Charleston Historic District is so large that it is difficult to know which aspects of the Holy City you should see. The carriage ride will give you a nice overview of the city which will help you choose those sites you want to visit and do a deeper dive on.

There are three carriage companies and all of them do a wonderful job of giving you a detailed history of the city, historic sites to visit, and local folklore anecdotes that will intrigue you.

Personally, we like Palmetto Carriage Company because the guides are incredibly knowledgeable, lots of fun, and they LOVE their horses. Feel free to ask your guide about the care and feeding of their horses, guidelines during hot weather, and days worked/off. (p.s. take a peppermint candy and treat your horse after the ride.)

2. Plantation Tour
There are three plantations within ten miles of Flowertown Bed and Breakfast and you don’t have to battle Charleston traffic to visit them! Each plantation has a unique personality:

a. Magnolia Plantation: check out the gardens and Audubon Bird Sanctuary
b. Middleton Place: a working farm, lush landscapes, historical talks
c. Drayton Hall: substantial main house “frozen in time,” numerous outbuildings, well-researched history of this influential family (Carol’s favorite)

Additionally, the Charleston Tea Plantation/Gardens and Boone Hall are also working plantations. The Charleston Tea Plantation/Gardens is the only operating tea farm in America! Boone Hall is a working plantation with a newer house built in 1936.

3. The Birthplace of Sweet Tea
Summerville not only birthed sweet tea, but currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest iced tea. You can even have your picture with Mason, the world’s largest iced tea mason jar! Spend a day in historic downtown Summerville and discover the charm and exceptional hospitality of Summerville residents.

Shop antiques (Antique Gallery is our favorite), home décor (LOVE Pizzazz located on Short Central Street), gourmet foods, olive oil and wine. Breweries, wine bars, coffee shops and several restaurants are ready to serve you a fabulous lunch or dinner. Our favorites? Low Country Fish Camp, Ice House and Bexley’s.

4. Sculpture in the South collection
Located just a short walk from Flowertown Bed and Breakfast in Azalea Park, you’ll find a vast collection of sculptures by talented local artists who promise to put a smile on your face.

Continue your sculpture tour in downtown Summerville – check out the B.I.R.D.S Sculpture Trail and see if you can find all 23 bird sculptures. Fabulous restaurants, wine bars, and retail stores abound in Historic Summerville; just a few short blocks from Flowertown Bed and Breakfast.

5. The Angel Oak
Located on John’s Island, the Angel Oak is believed to be the largest oak east of the Mississippi River. Stop by for a view of this monstrous tree and learn the legends of the Angel Oak.

Continue east toward the shore and pick one of the region’s beautiful beaches to relax and enjoy our sunny, blue-sky weather and delicious fresh caught seafood.


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