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Scarecrows on the Square Summerville

Scarecrows on the Square Summerville

For Summerville and surrounding communities, this event weaves community, creativity, and philanthropy into the festive spirit of Fall and the timeless culture of the Flower Town in the Pines. 

What is ‘Scarecrows on the Square’?

Scarecrows on the Square is an annual event in Summerville, South Carolina, that heralds the Fall while promoting the local community. 

Each year, various groups create custom Scarecrows that line Hutchinson Square, the heart of Summerville. This year, the event will occur between October 22nd and November 5th, 2023. 

Residents and visitors vote on their favorite scarecrows at $0.25 per vote. Voting opens on October 14th and can be cast at several local businesses, including Cuppa Manna, Simple Treasures, or the Wine & Tapas Bar. 

Proceeds from the event go to Summerville’s School Supply Fund for Dorchester School Districts, and this event is the perfect way to support the local community!

Scarecrows on the Square is organized by the Junior Service League of Summerville (JSL), a non-profit group of incredible women who’ve made it their mission to promote and support the vibrant Summerville community.

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As the leaves of summer become the dazzling colors of Fall, Summerville gears up for one of the most festive times of the year. This Fall, get the most out of Summerville with Scarecrows on the Square. 

This October, Summerville’s Hutchinson Square will feature imaginative Scarecrows crafted by local businesses, civic groups, schools, and individual enthusiasts. 

Hutchinson Square

This year, make the most of Scarecrows on the Square and enjoy a delightful getaway to the whispering woods of Summerville. 

Create memories that last a lifetime at Flowertown B&B, just minutes from Hutchinson Square and the perfect place to relax into the best of Southern charm. 

Book your stay today to be part of our wonderful tradition and immerse yourself in one of our community’s most cherished traditions.


Scarecrows on the Square   Hutchinson Square

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