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Rediscovering Victorian Traditions in Springtime

In Victorian times, the seasonal transition from winter to spring was marked by a number of traditions, each adding a touch of charm to the season. One of the most well-known Victorian springtime traditions was the practice of sending floral bouquets known as “tussie-mussies.” These small handheld arrangements were carefully crafted with specific flowers, each carrying symbolic meanings, allowing individuals to convey sentiments and emotions through the language of flowers. Victorians also put these tiny bouquets into an ornate silver cone-shaped “vase” to hold the flowers.


Another cherished custom was the celebration of May Day, where communities would come together for festivities, including dancing around the Maypole adorned with ribbons and flowers. This merry occasion symbolized fertility, prosperity, and the arrival of warmer days ahead. I remember my mom used to make us little baskets out of construction paper, fill it with flowers and hang the basket on our bedroom doors. Victorian gardens also flourished in spring, with families dedicating time to planting and tending to their floral displays. Flower shows became popular events, showcasing the beauty and variety of blooms cultivated by enthusiasts.


Furthermore, spring cleaning took on a whole new meaning in Victorian households. It wasn’t just about tidying up; it was a thorough cleaning ritual to rid the home of winter’s dust and grime, symbolizing a fresh start for the season ahead. Silver was polished, rugs were hung over a line outside and beat to remove the dust. Heavy drapes were taken down and, along with feather beds, put out in the sun for a day. Ceilings were whitewashed, walls were scrubbed and floors scoured. In embracing these Victorian traditions, we can enhance our modern lives with a sense of nostalgia and celebrate the beauty and promise of springtime.


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