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South Carolina BBQ at Swig & Swine

Get the Best of South Carolina BBQ at Swig & Swine

South Carolina, especially its Lowcountry region, holds a cherished spot on the map of America’s barbecue. Here, barbecue isn’t just food—it’s a deep-rooted tradition, an art form passed down through generations.

Nestled in the heart of the Lowcountry, Swig & Swine embodies the essence of South Carolina barbecue. With a tapestry of smoky flavors, tender meats, and a rich history infused into every bite, this is more than just a dining spot; it’s an experience that pays homage to Southern culinary traditions.

A Brief History of Swig & Swine

Swig & Swine is a testament to the passion, hard work, and rich barbecue traditions of South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Founded in 2013, this barbecue establishment was the brainchild of Anthony DiBernardo, a Jersey native with an impressive culinary journey.

By 2019, Anthony took the reins as the sole proprietor of Swig & Swine, ensuring the brand’s growth while preserving its foundational values of authenticity and quality.

Over the years, Swig & Swine has expanded its presence with multiple locations across the Lowcountry, becoming a beacon for those seeking genuine, flavorful, and soulful South Carolina BBQ.

Swig & Swine’s Low and Slow Promise

At the core of Swig & Swine’s philosophy is a simple yet unwavering promise: Barbecue is an art best practiced with patience.

Here, meats are smoked “low and slow,” ensuring every piece retains its juices and is imbued with that signature smoked essence, a testament to the deep-rooted traditions of South Carolina BBQ.

A Look at Swig & Swine’s Menu

The magic of Swig & Swine lies in its menu where you can find traditional staples like pulled pork, beef brisket, and smoked turkey. However, the techniques, marinades, and woods used in smoking distinguish their offerings, truly in the South Carolina tradition.
Mac and Cheese and fried pickles offer a perfect balance and make the meal complete. Try modern twists on barbeque favorites such as jalapeno pimento cheese, brisket blue salad, or their sausage and cheddar.

Craft Beers at Swig & Swine

An authentic barbecue experience is never complete without the perfect drink to complement it. At Swig & Swine, diners can choose from an extensive range of craft beers carefully selected to enhance the smoky flavors of the barbecue.

Additionally, Swig & Swine has an extensive whiskey collection and premium cocktails. Bourbon and BBQ.

Stop by Flowertown B&B During Your Next Trip to Swig & Swine

The gorgeous landscapes of South Carolina’s Low Country offer the perfect setting for
barbeque, beer, and the best vacation the South offers. Bourbon and BBQ are a perfect match!

During your next trip to Swig & Swine in South Carolina, stay at Flowertown Bed and Breakfast. We’re just minutes from Swig & Swine and all the local amenities.

For more information about upcoming events in Summerville, SC, check out our blog or contact us today to book a room for your next vacation to the Flowertown in the Pines!

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